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wedding dance instruction in Baltimore

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Black Tie Friday Specials!

Now celebrating our 25th year of dancing 14 years of teaching and our reviews speak for themselves!

Shop Black Friday in Style, and never leave the house!  ​

From 9am to Midnight, 11/27, we will kick off our 14 year anniversary celebration by turning back the price clock to 2002:

  • Individual Private Lessons: $45 per hour (regularly $65) 

  • Individual Private Wedding Lessons: $65 per hour (regularly $85)

  • Additional Lesson Bundle Discount:  Buy a package of 10, get 1 lesson FREE 

The best part? you don't have to take time away from your family to do your shopping!   
Just follow these simple steps:

1) Contact us any time between 9am and Midnight on Black (Tie) Friday, 

at or at 410-231-3262 with the purchase option of your choice
or with any pre-purchase questions (we will also accept pre-purchase questions prior to Black (Tie) Friday).  

2) We will be with family too, and probably won't be taking too many calls.  So, please leave a message if you get our voicemail, with your full name, phone number, email address, and purchase option (see above).  

3) We will respond with a link to our online credit card server no later than midnight on 11/29. 

4) Payment must be received by midnight on 11/30 to receive the sale price.  Confirmation will be sent so you know we got.  

5) Once your purchase is complete, we will send you a free, personalized, e-gift certificate upon request.  

Fine Print: Only correspondences received during Black Friday will be be eligible for the discounted specials.  Correspondences received after Black Friday will not be honored.  Beginning Ballroom does not take any responsability for any unreceived correspondences, regardless of format, whether they are initial purchase requests, or payments.  If you have any doubts that your message or payment will reach us in time, please be sure to follow up with us before midnight on Black Friday to make sure that we received your request, and before 11pm on 11/30, if you have not yet received payment confirmation.    

Thank you for choosing Beginning Ballroom!  We look forward to dancing with you soon! /410-231-DANCE